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Alhaji Shaffideen Adeniyi Amuwo

LASU Bulletin

VC's Desk

Alhaji Shaffideen Adeniyi Amuwo

Alhaji Shaffideen Adeniyi Amuwo, PhD, MPH

Professor Shaffideen Amuwo is a Clinical Associate Professor Emeritus, University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC). He retired from UIC in 2004 after serving in several academic and administrative positions including: Clinical Associate Professor of Public Health Sciences; Associate Dean for Students and Alumni Affairs, Associate Dean for Community and Governmental Affairs and Associate Dean for Urban Health and Diversity Programs. He is generally recognized as a “bridge builder” and as a “nation builder extraordinaire”. During his tenure, he considered the production of health professionals with MD, PhD, MPH as a major aspect of nation building; therefore, as his mission. To that end, he has spent a great deal of his experience and influence in United States to advancing the course of African Americans (for which he received commendation on the floor of US Congress) and Nigerians in the United States.” In fact, in the past three decades, only a few Nigerians have had the honor, privilege and God’s blessings to employ, educate, advise, counsel and support Nigerians in many medical/public health related endeavors than Professor Amuwo.


Professor Amuwo is a pride of Lagosians. Paternally, he is a direct descendant of Eletu Iwashe and Bashorun of Amuwo Odofin; and maternally, he is a grandson of Chief Sadiku Sarumi the Ashoju Oba of Lagos during the reign of Oba Adele. He had his earliest education at Zumratul Islamiyyah Elementary School and Methodist Boys’ High School, Lagos.

Special Achievements Include:

  • Collaborated with seven others to successfully lobby for dual citizenship for law abiding Nigerians that also claimed U.S citizenship
  • Co-founder of many Nigerian organizations that built bridges among Nigerians regardless of Nigerian region of origin
  • A principal organizer of demonstration in Chicago, the UN and throughout US to support and empower NADECO during Abacha/Military Regime in Nigeria
  • Principal signatory & negotiator that secured over $42M worth of equipment (at no cost) to address health care in Nigeria, especially Lagos State
  • Principal signatory & negotiator that secured over 1M reading glasses worth over $20M (at no cost) to Nigeria and African Countries
  • Developed the Tripartite Model that significantly increased the recruitment, admission, enrollment, and graduation of minorities including immigrants in Health Professions resulting in hundreds of earned PhD’s, MD’s, MPH’s, over a period of 20 years. For this, he was given a tribute on the floor of the U.S. Congress (One of only a handful of Africans that ever received such high honor).  
  • Authored/Co-authored over 30 service, research, and training grants that directly benefitted thousands of students and patients
  • Secured/Collaborated in securing over $100M in grants/contracts from State, US government and foundations to support Black and immigrant communities
  • Produced over 200 presentations, book chapters, refereed journals and technical reports on: Health Professions Training; Partnership Initiative; Emergency Preparedness; Maternal and Child Health; Ophthalmic Disease in Blacks; Barriers to Immunization in Poor Communities, etc.
  • Participated in the direct meeting with Mr. Fidel Castro for the removal of medical embargo on Cuban residents and for securing full scholarships for individuals from minority communities to obtain medical training in Cuba. at full scholarship

Professor Amuwo’s selected honors include:

  • United States Congressional Record Tribute: Recognized on the floor of United States Congress: Proceedings and Debate 108th Congress, 2nd Edition, June 17, 2004
  • Bridge Builder Award: Rainbow/Push Coalition and Citizenship, presented by Rev. Jesse L. Jackson, Sr., June 27 2004.
  • Award of Merit for Exemplary service to eliminate public health disparities through mentoring and support for public health workforce: Illinois Public Health Association: April 19, 2004.
  • Dr. Hindus Poindexter Distinguished Service Award; (highest award given by the Black Caucus) Black Caucus- American Public Health Association, the largest public health professional organization in the world