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Topic: Public Policy Analysis, Local Government And Development Studies

Description: The need for credible information for policy making engenders the development of policy analysis. The aim is to provide decision makers with reliable knowledge towards solving socio-political and economic problems. Policy analysis is a technique used in public administration to examine and evaluates the available options to implement government goals. One of my research interests is in the area of policy and strategic issues in relations to rural poverty reduction. It is necessary to create awareness about the problems often encountered in the implementation of government policies. A people-oriented policy will allow them begin to demand benefits and accountability from government through their participation to improve their well being. It will also ensure sense of belonging and commitment. My Ph.D. thesis was titled, Policy Implementation and Rural Poverty Reduction in Nigeria: An analysis of National Poverty Eradication Programme NAPEP in Local Governments. The findings revealed that policy failure on poverty reduction especially in the rural areas in Nigeria has been due to constraints. Policy making has been top-down resulting in implementation gap. The gap is widened by inability of the bureaucrats to take into consideration the environment when analyzing policy. The study recommended that the government should show more sincerity and commitment to rural poverty reduction through effective policy implementation. Part of the contributions to knowledge was that the study provided a policy model of participation and change management which serves as a guide for policymakers and implementer. Local Government is another area of interest and my major contribution to knowledge in this area was that the constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria should be reviewed to grant Local Government relative autonomy to reduce state and federal governments interference especially in area of finances to ensure development at the grassroots in Nigeria.


# Certificate SchoolYear
1. Ph.D (Political Science/Public Administration) Department of Political Science, University of Lagos 2014

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Inconsistencies in the review of staff wages have posed a major disagreement between the government and National Labour Congress since several decades. The wage is low and is affected by high inflation rate in the country. This has also engendered poor performance by workers in the public sector. The objective of the study is to examine the new minimum wage review and performance of Nigeria Public Sector. The study adopts descriptive research method. Data collection was through a structured questionnaire and the hypotheses were tested using correlation coefficient and Chi-Square with the aid of Statistical Package for Social Sciences SPSS . The finding revealed that the new minimum wage if effectively implemented will motivate the public servants to perform efficiently unlike the previous wage. The study recommended that the government should be consistent in the review of national minimum wage to match the rate of inlation in the country. The study contribute to knowledge in that the government should establish a strong institution that will protect the interest of labour irrespective of the change of government and develop a proper plan in reviewing the minimum wage as precribed by the constitution as at when due.


AJULOR OMONIYI is a Professor at the Department of Public Administration

AJULOR has a Ph.D in Political Science/Public Administration from Department of Political Science, University of Lagos

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