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Medical Microbiology


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# Certificate SchoolYear
1. Ph.D (Medical Microbiology) University of Lagos UNILAG 2006

Current Research

Evaluation of antimicrobial activities of essential Oils of some indigenous medicinal plants on Extended Spectrum Beta-lactamase producing clinical Bacterial strains

Research Details

Bacterial resistance to broad spectrum antibiotics is a major contributory factor to the increasing worrisome treatment failures, high cost of medications, morbidity and mortality rates. Many medicinal plants are known to contain different antimicrobial substances, thus a study in progress, aims at determining the ability of a collection of common clinical bacterial isolates to produce broad spectrum beta-lactam antibiotic inactivating enzymes ESBL and susceptibility to the essential oils EOs of three 3 local medicinal plants Ocimum gratissimum , Xylopia aethiopica and Allium sativum . About one hundred and fifty 150 bacterial strains from different clinical samples are being collected from some diagnostic laboratories in Lagos, purified and identified by biochemical tests. Agar disk diffusion AgarDskFus is used to determine their susceptibility to twelve commonly used antibiotics, and multidrug resistant MDR strains screened for ESBL production using antibiotic double disk synergy test. Growth inhibitory effects of the oils and values of their MIC/MBC against MDR/ESBL bacterial strains are respectively determined by AgarDskFus and serial double fold microdilution method. The prevalence of the bacterial species in association with clinical conditions will be determined, antibiotics with considerable potency and those resisted by the organisms will be identified. The proportions of MDR producing ESBL would be noted. Diameters of zones of growth inhibition produced by any oils would be measured, compared while their MIC and MBC values would also be noted. The findings would provide information on the current level of effectiveness of the antibiotics commonly used for treatments of bacterial infections, the degree of involvement of ESBL production in multidrug resistance mechanisms, identify the test oils with antimicrobial activity and their relative potencies for rational selection as alternative therapy.


AMISU KEHINDE is a Senior Lecturer at the Department of Microbiology

AMISU has a Ph.D in Medical Microbiology from University of Lagos UNILAG

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