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Topic: The Values And Development; Re-Orientating The Nigerian Youth For Positive Leadership

Description: One of the most fundamental questions vexing the Nigerian youth have to do with the possibility of success of the Nigerian project. This question arises mainly from the fears and despairs the youth face daily as they try to make sense of their existence as Nigerian citizens in a world that has become a global village. This has to do with the level of confidence that they have in terms of the relative opportunity to realize their potential within the Nigerian political and economic Milieu


# Certificate SchoolYear
1. M.Ed. (Educational Management) Department of Educational Management, Lagos State University, Ojo Lagos 2001

Current Research

Quality Assurance Practices in Universities in Lagos State and its Effects on School Adminstrative Functions

Research Details

The importance of university education in nation building cannot be over emphasized mostly in the area of knowledge creation and dissemination. The aim of establishing university education is to provide a very sound and qualitative education to enable the products of the system function effectively in any environment in which they find themselves.Quality assurance in tertiary institution can be carried out through various means; internal and external control means, check and balances by regulatory agencies. This is determined by the performance of students in public examination and the quality of performance of the graduates in their jobs.The galloping fallen standard of education in Nigeria seems to have been necessitated by ineffective supervision and quality control of what goes on in the university system of education.There are high records of poor facilities, inadequate personnel management, outdated curriculum, unconducive learning environment, inadequate payment of lecturers salary, inadequate availability of funds for the day to day running of activities in the University, poor application of Information Communication Technology ICT in teaching and learning processes as well as poor students outcome. Having in mind that quality assurance is quest for the best, high and sustained standard, this research work seeks to examine the effects of quality assurance on the administrative functions in Lagos State universities.


ISAAC-PHILIPS, MODUPE is a Lecturer I at the Department of Educational Management

ISAAC-PHILIPS, has a M.Ed. in Educational Management from Department of Educational Management, Lagos State University, Ojo Lagos

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