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Biodegradation Of Petroleum Hydrocarbons And Related Compounds






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Topic: Metagenomics Of Contaminated Environmental Compartments

Description: Physico-chemistry, microbial community structure and functional characterization of animal charcoal polluted sites and underground waters. Metagenomic insight into the spread of antibiotic resistance genes amongst clinically important, poultry farms and environmental bacteria in Lagos State Heavy metals and antibiotics resistomes of pristine and polluted environments


# Certificate SchoolYear
1. Ph.D (Environmental Microbiology) Microbiology, University of Lagos 2008

Current Research

Degradation of Petroleum Hydrocarbons by Lagos Lagoon Water Microcosms

Research Details

Introduction: Crude oil gains access into the environment through leak of oil tankers, cleaning of tankers by merchant, leaks during exploration, refining, storage and transportation. small scale releases at times may pass unnoticed, particularly in underdeveloped countries like Nigeria. whereas the sources of spills are multifarious, consequences for human health and environment are the same. Reclamation of impacted environmental compartments is increasingly being prioritised by governments and private individuals in both developed and developing countries. bioremediation is considered an environmentally friendly approach than other methods.Aim/Objective: The study was designed to determine the hydrocarbon degradation prowess of microflora of Lagos Lagoon and Ologe Lagoon. The objectives were to determine changes in community structure and total hydrocarbons and also isolate and identify the predominant culturable bacteria in the system.Methodology: Microcosms consisted of composite samples of lagoon water 100 ml set up in triplicates and incubated at room temperature for 42 days. Samples were withdrawn from the lot and plated out for total heterotrophic bacteria and fungi on nutrient agar and potato dextrose agar respectively. Hydrocarbon degraders were counted on mineral salt agar using vapour phase transfer. residual hydrocarbon was determined by gas chromatography equipped with flame ionization detector GC-FID .Results: Preponderant organisms were hydrocarbon degraders commonly isolated from hydrocarbon imparted environmental compartments. Over 92% reduction in hydrocarbon burden were recorded with 42 days. Study demonstrated the self-purification potentials of the lagoon waters.


OBAYORI OLUWAFEMI is a Professor at the Department of Microbiology

OBAYORI has a Ph.D in Environmental Microbiology from Microbiology, University of Lagos

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