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# Certificate SchoolYear
1. Ph.D (Botany Plant physiology ) Department of Pure and Applied Botany, Federal University of Agricuture, Abeokuta 2017

Current Research

Sucrose and biochar applications modulate growth and biochemical changes in water stressed african spinach

Research Details

Introduction:Water stress is a major environmental challenges facing production of vegetables such asAfrican spinach.In other to avert the phenomena, some proactive approaches have been adopted towards the realization of the goal by alleviating water imbalance challenges mitigating production of the vegetable through the use of sucrose and their integration with other carbon-enriched biomaterial such as biochar in order to improve the poor soil conditioners of the vegetable.Aim:This study was conducted toelucidate the effects of varying concentrations of sucrose, biochar and their combinations on growth, nutritional contents, oxidative enzymes and reactive oxygen species in water-stressed African Spinach.Methodology:Morphological, nutritionals and antioxidants contents as well as reactive oxygen species in water-stressed African Spinach will be determined using standard procedureExpected results:Morphological charterers and physiological attributes ofAfrican spinachwill be improved.Level of antioxidant activities and their ameliorative influence on water imbalance of the vegetable as affected by sucrose and biochar will be elucidated.Ability of the vegetable to cope with water stress by producing reactive oxygen species will be known.Impact of inclusion of the treatments on improving the nutritional contents of the vegetable be determined.Contribution to knowledge:Impact of sucrose and biochair on water imbalance singly and in combination will be elucidated.Innovative methods of vegetable production even in the face of unfavorable climatological condition will be achieved,Nutritional quality of the vegetable will be improved


OJEWUMI ANTHONY is a Lecturer II at the Department of Botany

OJEWUMI has a Ph.D in Botany Plant physiology from Department of Pure and Applied Botany, Federal University of Agricuture, Abeokuta

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