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Topic: Infrastructure Financing In Nigeria: A Study On The Compatibility Of Islamic Finance Mechanisms And The Infrastructure Concession Regulatory Commission, ICRC Act 2005

Description: The topic is for my PhD thesis tends to look at the extent the extent the Act has covered in Infrastructure Finance Mechanisms, the challenges, the development policy. The Public Private Partnership PPP model and their descriptions. Then looking at the Islamic Finance products and how it could be employed to develop Nigeria infrastructure. The opportunity available to private sectors to invest their money in Nigeria and the benefits that will be realized by both the government and the Nigerian people.


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1. LL. M. (Law) Law, Lagos State University, Ojo 2014

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Islam and democracy are two major ideologies recognized for good governance in the world today. Democracy is the system of governance generally acceptable in the western world while the Muslim world adopts the Islamic ideology. The two ideologies have been at loggerheads at all time due to some varying principles in the two systems of governance. The west is doing everything to impose democracy on the entire world however, democracy building remains an uphill struggle in most Muslim countries. The explanation of why so many Muslim countries are not democratic has more to do with historical, political, cultural, and economic factors than with religious ones. The notions of state secularism and people s sovereignty, consider democracy to be the rule of humans as opposed to Islam, which is divine that is, rule of God. The principle of shura, or consultative decision-making, is the source of democratic ethics in Islam. This is the only area where Islamic ideology and democracy relate. All efforts of the west to democratize the Muslim world is meeting a strict resistance from the Islamic adherents. Conservative Muslims tend to view the western world s advocacy of human rights as a modern agenda by which the West hopes to establish its hegemony over the Muslim world, whereas reformist Muslims tend to be more receptive to new ideas, practices, and institutions. Reformists stress the need for continuity of basic Islamic traditions but believe that Islamic law Shari ah is historically conditioned and needs to be reinterpreted in light of the changing needs of modern society. The method employed in this work is doctrinal research method. It drew inferences from the available documents and publications. This includes journal articles, magazines, newspaper, text books, etc. its method also included oral interview of the experts and members of the academia.


OLATUNDE MIFTAH is a Assistant Lecturer at the Department of Law

OLATUNDE has a LL. M. in Law from Law, Lagos State University, Ojo

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