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Lecturer II


Industrial Relations and Personnel Management


At the Industrial Relations And Personnel Management department office

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Topic: Training In The Micro And Small Enterprises Of The Nigerian Informal Sector: Empirical Evidence From Lagos State.

Description: In recent years, work and employment issues in the informal sector (IS) in developing countries in general and in Sub-Saharan Africa (SSA) in particular, have attracted the attention of governments, academics and public policy practitioners. In many developing countries, the IS has become a major and growing source of employment creation for all categories of workers adjusting to changes in employment structure, and those pursuing entrepreneurial goals (Johanson and Adams, 2004; Haan, 2006; Fox and Gaal, 2008). In most SSA countries, where employment opportunities in the formal wage sector has stagnated, creating difficulties in the absorption of the growing numbers of new entrants to the labour force, the IS has grown rapidly, providing sources of income for those who cannot find job opportunities in the formal sector (Haan, 2002). Thus in appreciation of the contribution of the IS, many countries have put in place appropriate policies to propel it. However, this is not the case in Nigeria where the sector is yet to be given the adequate attention and support that is commensurate with its contribution to national development particularly in the area of training. Against this background, this study explore the training and development practices and approaches that are relevant and adequate in meeting the needs of the small enterprises in the Nigerian informal sector, and consequently, promote income and employment generation in the sector.


# Certificate SchoolYear
1. Certificate in Teaching Skills (Business Studies) Staff Development Unit, University of Swansea 2008


SHABI OLAWALE is a Lecturer II at the Department of Industrial Relations and Personnel Management

SHABI has a Certificate in Teaching Skills in Business Studies from Staff Development Unit, University of Swansea

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