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Topic: A. Consumer Behaviour: Understanding How Consumers Make Decisions, Their Motivations, Preferences, And Behaviours Is Crucial For Effective Marketing Strategies.

Description: 1 . Topic : Udegbe, S.E., Ajose, O. A., & Aliu, A.A. & Tijani U. M. 2024 . Impact of Digital Marketing on Agricultural Product Sales: A Case Study of Smallholder Farmers in Nigeria. African Journal of Sustainable Agricultural Development, 5 1 , 30 40.Introduction: The research addresses the significant challenges faced by smallholder farmers in Nigeria, including poverty, lack of reliable internet access, limited computer skills, and insufficient resources, which impact the adoption and effectiveness of digital marketing strategies in enhancing agricultural product sales.Aims/Objectives: The primary aim of this study is to assess the real impact of digital marketing on the sales of agricultural products among smallholder farmers in Nigeria and to fill the research gap by quantifying the influence of digital marketing in this sector.Methodology: The study employs a survey approach, using a literature-based research instrument tailored to the context of Nigerian smallholder farmers. Data were collected from 100 respondents in Ogun State, Nigeria, using questionnaires that achieved a 100% viability rate, indicating a full response from all distributed questionnaires.Expected Results: The expected result is to demonstrate that while digital marketing has potential benefits for income enhancement and supply chain improvements, its actual impact on the sales of agricultural products among Nigerian smallholder farmers is minimal.Contribution to Knowledge and Society: The findings of this research are intended to deepen understanding of how digital marketing is prioritized by Nigerian smallholder farmers in the sale of agricultural products. It also aims to provide a reference for scholars and practitioners in other developing countries, offering insights into the applicability and effectiveness of digital marketing in similar contexts. This contribution is vital for developing targeted strategies that could better support farmers in overcoming the barriers to effective digital marketing.


# Certificate SchoolYear
1. Ph.D (International Business) Lagos State University 2011

Current Research

Research in progress : Topic : Digital Marketing on Millennial Decision Making and Brand Loyalty: A Comparative Study of Nigeria and the United States in Fashion

Research Details


Digital technologies have profoundly reshaped consumer interactions, yet their effects are nuanced across cultural landscapes. This study aims to address the gap in understanding how digital marketing influences millennial decision-making and brand loyalty in the US and Nigeria. Emphasizing the importance of cultural insights, the research highlights the necessity for businesses to comprehend digital marketing's efficacy in both mature and developing economies.


The primary aim is to investigate how digital marketing strategies shape millennial decision-making processes and brand loyalty in the fashion sector. By analyzing cultural disparities, digital platforms, and variables like brand trust and image, the study aims to offer insights into the dynamics of digital marketing across diverse environments.


A mixed-methods approach will be employed, including surveys, interviews, and social media content analysis, to gather data from millennials in both countries. Quantitative surveys will capture digital marketing engagement data, while qualitative insights from focus groups and interviews will explore cultural influences on digital marketing effectiveness.

Expected Result:

The study anticipates identifying key elements of digital marketing impacting millennial decision-making and brand loyalty in fashion. It aims to clarify the relationship between digital marketing strategies and millennial brand loyalty while pinpointing factors influencing digital marketing effectiveness across cultural contexts. Additionally, the research aims to provide insights into digital marketing trends and their impact on millennial consumer behavior in Nigeria and the US.

Contribution to Knowledge/Society:

By delving into the intricate interplay between digital marketing, millennial decision-making, and brand loyalty, this study enriches academic discourse and offers practical implications for businesses. Understanding how digital marketing resonates with millennials in diverse cultural settings is vital for crafting effective marketing strategies and enhancing consumer engagement. Furthermore, the research endeavors to foster social progress and economic growth in Nigeria by informing culturally tailored marketing tactics and policies.


UDEGBE SCHOLASTICA is a Associate Professor / Reader at the Department of Marketing

UDEGBE has a Ph.D in International Business from Lagos State University

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