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Our Dear Students, The LASU That We All Desire…

Our Dear Students, The LASU That We All Desire…

Step by step the Lagos State University is beginning to distinguish itself. Over the past seven months, a lot has been achieved and a lot more is in the offing. 
Deeply rooted in a peaceful and friendly environment of mutual respect, the Lagos State University in the last 200days has been able to attract keen interest from benefactors and investors, both from the public and private sectors. We are focused on implementing plans and strategies that will aggressively improve our infrastructure and facilities.

In all these, the interest of our students remains a non-negotiable priority. We make no claim to perfection. This is why our dear students are part of the governance process: to think along with us. We will always allow you to air your views in the most civilized manner possible. We are interested in knowing your grievances. Kindly channel these through your Faculty and Students' Union Representatives to the Dean, Students Affairs. We will surely attend to them.

Discipline and respect for rule of law are the primary ingredients of a functional society. However, we will be fair in the pursuit of these goals.

Let me also state that part of our agenda is to beautify our University. You all are an integral part of this agendum. We have noticed that some of us are fond of crossing the lawns and stepping on the flowers & grasses. This is not in line with global best practices. As global citizens, we must recognise that plants are not only to beautify the environment but also to mitigate the negative effects of climate change.

If we truly want to attain the standard of the Ivy League Institutions, we must begin to see crossing of lawns as a "sin", and a breach of global norms and societal expectations. Endeavour to use the walkways at all times.

The language of our discourse as I have always reiterated is dialogue and the beauty of it is the peace, stability and progress that it brings. We should therefore not allow for distractions.

I thank you very much.


We are LASU, We are Proud!


Prof. Olanrewaju Fagbohun