08 January, 2020


On Monday, 6th January, 2019, our University was shaken by the near unfortunate incident involving some of our 100 Level students as they prepare to write their GNS 102 Examination.

The incident, in the hours and days that followed, was greeted by a deluge of media reports, some with different colourations and intentions, and some deliberately exaggerated to embarrass the University. We commend those media practitioners who were constructive and professional in their reportage, and to them we say thank you.

Also highly commendable is the conduct and guarded comments of our Staff (Academic and non- Academic) and Student Leaders on the issue. This was largely instrumental in dousing the tension that mischievous third parties were trying to ignite. Together, we all took responsibility as an Institution and worked aggressively on solutions.

The robust manner in which the entire LASU community rose up to the challenge showed clearly that we are indeed a force, united in the defence of the good name and image of our University. Challenges will always come in different forms, but, when we work together as we all did on this occassion, we will surmount any challenge.
That is the strength of an institution focused on one goal, which is to achieve excellence without resorting to blame game.

I thank you all for being steadfast, resolute and undaunted in your determination to see that LASU does not go back to the days of conflict and disunity. We have once again proven that the new LASU spirit of togetherness has come to stay. Together we shall prevail.

THANK YOU most sincerely.

We are LASU, we are Proud.

Prof Olanrewaju A Fagbohun, SAN, NPOM.

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