Academic Staff Forms

1. Annual Leave Form 

2. Out-Of-Campus Form 

3. Grants Forms 

4. Deferment Leave Form 



Non-Academic Staff Forms

5. Deferment Leave Form 

6. Annual Leave Form 

7. Grants Forms 

8. Out-Of-Campus Form

9. SPADEV Form (Senior) 

10. SPADEV Form (Junior) 

11. Resumption of Duty Form (Junior)

12. Resumption of Duty Form (Senior)

13. Confirmation of Appointment (Senior) 

14. Confirmation of Appointment (Junior) 

15. Resumption from Leave of Absence Form 

16. Resumption from Sabbatial Leave Form 


Forms for both Academic and Non Academic Staff 

17. Allocation Form 

18. Staff I.D Card Form

19. Maternity Leave Form

20. Paternity Leave Form

21. Application for Furniture Loan

22. Car-Motorcycle Loan Form

23. Staff Update Form