Administration Governing Council

Members of Council

Functions of the Council

The Governing Council, in accordance with Section 6(2) of the Lagos State University, 2004, is the governing authority of the University and is charged with the general control and superintendence of the policy, finances and property of the University including its public relations. In pursuant of this statutory mandate, the Governing Council operates through a Committee System. Some of which include:

  1. Finance and General Purposes Committee
  2. Appointments and Promotions Committee
  3. Joint Council Disciplinary Committee
  4. University Tenders Board

The Governing Council is responsible to the Visitor and is chaired by a Pro-Chancellor. - Schedule I, Section 2(3) of the Lagos State University, 2004 states that the Pro-Chancellor shall be the Chairman of the Council and shall, except when the Chancellor is present, preside at its meetings and shall perform such other functions as shall be prescribed by Law.

The Current Membership of Council

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